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About Our Trainer

At The Fitness Lane your trainer will be Alex Lane; a Level 3 Qualified Professional in Personal Training. He has been working in the fitness industry for over a decade, training clients of all ages, abilities and medical needs. He loves to see others succeed in achieving their goals and is keen to push people to be their happiest and healthiest version of themselves.

What We Do

All fitness sessions and exercises are catered to each clients specific needs whether this be weight loss, body building, toning, calisthenics, cardiovascular endurance or anything else you can throw at us. Alex has also achieved a nutrition diploma, meaning he is able to advise on each clients diets as well as creating healthy meal plans and recipes to follow. Please see our services pages for more information.

The Exclusive Gym

Body Weight Training
Press Up On Medicine Ball
Power Rack In PT Gym
Bent Over Row
Kettlebells Kidderminster
1to1 Personal Training Gym
Medicine Ball
Blowflex Chest Flys

Personal training sessions take place in our state of the art purpose built personal training facility with commercial high quality equipment, a completely private gym just for you! Take a look inside:

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