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Take a look at our clients success stories 


I returned to fitness after an intensive course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  Alex has been my personal trainer since 2014. I was overweight, very unfit and still suffering from the effects of my treatment.  Alex showed considerable patience, understanding and compassion while tailoring a fitness programme to my needs.  He is always polite and professional but still manages to make the sessions fun, interactive and challenging.

My fitness has gone from needing a 10 minute lie down after walking my daughter to school when I was at my worst, to now doing a 30 mile bike ride and still having energy left at the end of the ride. Always enthusiastic, Alex has varied my programme over the years.  He studies and uses his knowledge to encourage all clients to push themselves further and my fitness has improved immeasurably.  

​I own a veterinary practice and have a young daughter so have a difficult schedule.  He has also provided me with a diet and discussed it with me at length, encouraging the changes that are necessary to improve my fitness and weight loss.  Alex has been incredibly flexible and fits around my busy life, for which I am grateful.

Alex has a passion for his work which is both refreshing and infectious.  He has a strong work ethic and takes pride in training a wide range of abilities, ages and levels of fitness. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending Alex for people who are thinking about improving their fitness.

It is a work in progress but my story does prove that anyone can exercise and anything is achievable!


In the last few years, specifically from the time I met Alex Lane, my health and fitness goals were achieved and exceeded. My targets became more ambitious as I continued to surpass them. As a compliance manager for one of the UK's largest banks and having a young family meant a very busy lifestyle, and a lot of travelling visiting numerous work branches. This inevitably took its toll on my weight and I went from 11 stone to 14 stone in only a few years. Being of a previously athletic build I became very unhappy with my weight but just believed that with a busy life it wasn't possible to get back to how I was.

Meeting Alex changed all that. He educated me on everything from fitness work, cardio and weight training to a complete nutritional overhaul to my diet and gave me the belief, which I badly needed, to start making changes. He was never patronising or judgemental, and always listened which to me was important.  I couldn't believe how effective his advice was and I started to see results. When I would inevitably hit a plateau and my results would stagnate for a while he was there to help me to kick start my results and start making progress again.

I'm now actually in better shape than I have ever been in my life and have continually exceeded both my fat loss and lean muscle gain targets thanks to Alex. If someone had told me a few years ago that I'd get back to the shape I was in let alone better it I would never have believed them. I get compliments all the time about my progress and I always tell people how integral a part Alex was in my success and how he inspired me to keep going even when I doubted myself. 

I honestly could not recommend him enough.


In the past I have gone through lots of work out DVD’s, diets and gym memberships but nothing seemed to keep me interested or motivated any longer than a month & I soon put the weight back on that I had lost. In January I was determined to loose the 3 stone I had put on over the years, I started off with general keeping fit and dieting and was able to loose the 1st stone but I quickly felt myself slipping but into old ways- this was when I was introduced to Alex.

I have had a PT session with Alex once a week since March and it is amazing to see how far my fitness has come and my whole general lifestyle has changed. He writes up workout programmes for me to do in between sessions as well as a nutrition plan (which doesn’t leave me hungry, its just clean eating!). For anyone who has tried countless diets or can’t seem to find the motivation to get into shape, then Alex is definitely your answer! Without his professional advice and tailored workout programmes then I wouldn’t have been able to reach my weight goal or be as fit as I am today. 

​Huge thank you to Alex for helping me reach my target- could not recommend him enough!


Alex has trained me for a while now and I must say his PT sessions have never got predictable and boring keeping the sessions fresh and enjoyable by using numerous pieces of equipment and training methods, although at the same time the sessions are very challenging but rewarding. I love the fact we can get fit in a fun way too with his Mountain Bike group.

During my time trained by Alex I have lost weight and gained muscle mass resulting in greater confidence and a hunger to keep on pushing for better results, Alex's dedication to his clientele and his passion for physical training show greatly and I can honestly say with these great traits he is a joy to work with. Future clients and employees will greatly benefit from the loyalty, dedication and enthusiasm shown by Alex - a perfect trainer.


Kieran is one of my clients who has seen the biggest transformation not only physically by losing over 8 stone, but more importantly, mentally. I have seen him grow in confidence, improve his self esteem and generally enjoy life. Kie is now a dedicated gym-goer as well as following a strict diet which is why he has seen such a big difference - he has even gone the extra mile by attending my Bootcamp class and pushing himself to his limits. I fully enjoy our personal training sessions together and cannot wait to continue these into the next year and see an even bigger improvement!


Alex first trained me over two years ago, he made the transition back into fitness an easy one with fun but effective sessions, always pushing me to get the best out of my workouts and not to give up.  He has always been friendly and professional, and has passed on lots of valuable knowledge about diet and fitness that I still use to date, also having regular weigh ins to coincide with my training programme keep me on course. The journey of losing weight has not always been easy, but he has kept me on track, whilst still being very approachable. So for all the reasons above , I would wholeheartedly recommend Alex Lane as a personal trainer.

Hannah & Ruth

My sister and I have been doing personal training sessions with Alex for about two years now. Every session is different and this helps to work out every area of the body. Throughout the sessions Alex has always kept us motivated and pushed us to keep going, if he hadn't been there we would never have kept going for so long and would never have been reaching our full potential. He tailors all the exercises to our individual needs and has even advised us on our diet. He has provided us with an understanding of many exercises that we can now do during our own gym sessions. We can both see a huge difference in ourselves since we started, we are slimmer, fitter and more toned and this has given us both a real boost in confidence.


I was severely overweight a year ago and my health was in very poor condition.

I had high blood pressure and struggled to do the simplest of tasks like getting off the sofa and walking to the shops. When my nephew (Alex) offered to train me, I accepted it and have never looked back.

Over the past 9 months I have lost 7 stone. My fitness levels have improved mostly as I'm doing 2-3 hours of exercise a day and just cant get enough of training.

I would recommend Alex to anyone wanting good and fast results.


Very proud of Zoe for her lifestyle transformation!

Zoe has a busy schedule as she owns her own pet grooming business Cuts4Scruffs and so needed a weight loss plan with minimal time commitment. She has followed a healthy plantbased lifestyle by not eating any animal products, instead she switched to more vegetables, wholegrains, legumes plus more fruit and 1-2 exercise sessions a week!

Congratulations Zoe - keep it up!


The Fitness Lane truly helps with body confidence, I was always extremely conscious of looking too thin and Alex helped me achieve a healthier body the right way. I also wanted to tone and strengthen my body in the right places and he knows exactly what exercises work for specific parts of the body. Getting more energy was an additional bonus from eating better and working out the correct way.

Would highly recommend The Fitness Lane for a more personal approach to fitness.


Thanks to The Fitness Lane and the guidance and support of Alex Lane I have lost over 2 stone. Before The Fitness Lane had been weight training for 5 years but had been disappointed with the results especially with the time I had been dedicating to my training. I feel this was because there is so much misguided information, especially online; which is why I decided to look for correct professional advise from a personal trainer and this is where Alex Lane/ The Fitness Lane has been fantastic in guiding me on how to get better and quicker results. I have always struggled with battling my food demons and I am grateful that Alex has shown me how to combat my weakness, especially by providing the thorough diet plan. I always feel I get the most out of my personal training sessions due to being pushed to my highest potential, whilst always maintaining a calm and relaxed atmosphere. I would encourage anyone who is struggling to achieve their fitness goals to give The Fitness Lane a try as I can assure you; Alex will make it hes mission to help you achieve your goals.


Thanks to The Fitness Lane these are my before and after shots of my change over the past year! I've always known Alex from school and knew he was the right man to help me out. I've always wanted to be in shape and physically fit but never had the understanding to do this, until I started personal training sessions with Alex. A year later and I have exceeded my goals and I feel great. I would recommend The Fitness Lane to anyone - experienced or looking into getting started in fitness. Big thank you Alex.


Cheers for everything The Fitness Lane. As a junior rower, before I wasn't doing too well in races but now after all the help you've given me and all the training you've given me, I am now back at peak performance and doing a lot better in races.


I’ve lost 2 stone 3 pounds and over 8.6 cm off my waist in the 5 months that I’ve been training with Alex. More importantly I feel healthier, stronger and happier than I have for a long time and that’s largely due to Alex’s guidance and support.

With 2 young kids and a stressful job, I wasn’t paying enough attention to my own health; I put on loads of weight and lost all confidence in myself. I joined the gym determined to set a better example for my kids and quickly found myself injured and in regular physio, restricted from most exercises. As a last resort, I tried a spin class and that’s where I met Alex.

Encouraged by my physio, I started PT sessions with Alex just a few weeks later. Having Alex come to my home allows me to fit training in conveniently around work and childcare. I was a little skeptical at first but Alex is really unassuming, not at all intimidating, and strikes a really great balance between pushing me to my limits and understanding the constraints of my injuries and busy work/home life. He also helps get me back on track if I slip with my diet habits, offering helpful advice on healthy choices.

I really look forward to my PT sessions and classes now; having that support has helped me make sure the time I can give to exercise is targeted and valuable. My family and friends comment positively on the changes to my physical health, but even more so to the change in my self-confidence and general outlook.