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Our Fitness APP

Workout From Home!

Feel like you’re juggling a million different activities & just don't have the time to make it to a gym? Well, we have the answer for you!
Introducing The Fitness Lane APP which brings the workouts to you! 

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Alex's Mission

After many years of being a personal trainer I have observed many clients who lead a busy lifestyle & how this can negatively effect their health & wellbeing; one of the most common factors being time. Also with myself currently running 2 business, a third job while raising a young family I understand how taking 1-2 hours down the gym just isn't possible 5 days a week for many!

A personal goal of mine has always been to reach people who have needed an improvement in health & wellbeing the most. As improvement to physical & mental health creates a happier environment for the household & within our communities. This being my main driver in why I decided to developed an APP to bring short under 30 minute workouts to those who are limited by time, childcare, location, funds, high workloads & many other factors. 

My Vision

I have always been passionate about being inclusive to all fitness levels, especially when first starting out or returning to an exercise regime. My goal with our Fitness APP is to insure all our members can get a good workout no matter their ability or background. 

We don't just stop at working out within our Fitness APP, we like to include other healthy habits & good practices to add to your lifestyle outside of the short workouts too! 
Receive weekly tips to help supercharge your way to the best version of yourself. As health isn't just created in the gym, we need to bring awareness to the other 23.5 hours a day to help improve our daily environment to help capitalise on those sweaty gym sessions! 


Why Download?

Be motivated & inspired to workout wherever you may be! 

  • The most amazing feature of our health & wellbeing app is that its portable. Saving you time, ensuring that your able to get that quick workout in. 

  • All our programmes are designed by Alex to make sure you get the best possible home or travel workout on the market. 

  • Receive nutritional advice & plan within the APP. 

  • Input & track your progress with measurements & photos.

  • Ability to book lifestyle advice, nutrition coaching, online personal training sessions,
    personal fitness plans & more within the APP.

  • Apple i-Watch, My Fitness Pal, Fitbit, Withings integration to help Alex see a full picture on how your training is going. 

  • Fitness Hub Dashboard to check in on an overview of your daily fitness activities & tasks to do. 

  • Smart calendar for your health & wellbeing scheduled, which you can drag & drop to days which suit you.  

  • Have 2-way messaging with Alex to help you get advice in improving your workouts or lifestyle.

  • Earn achievement badges when completing fitness milestones.

Our APP is FREE to all Personal Training Client's
Coming 2023 for online membership

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