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Vegan Nutrition Coaching

Additional services based around diet which we offer to help you reach your goals!

Healthy Salad

Plantbased Nutritional Advice & Meal Ideas


This Includes:

  • Food diary with evaluation

  • Custom recipes ideas

  • Tips on improving diet

  • Tailor around your lifestyle (for example if your a busy mum, or a bodybuilder, casual gym goer etc)

  • Optional call to help you answer any queries or questions you may have.  

Healthy Cooking

Plant Based Living


Includes all in 'Nutritional Advice & Meal Ideas' Package PLUS:

  • A personal shopper to help you on your first plant based food shop ( in person within the Wyre Forest area or via phone call out of area)

  • Additional advice on micronutrients and how to achieve the heathiest diet possible.

  • Advise on supplements 

  • Information on natural remedies (herbal tea's etc)

Healthy Cooking
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